The Most Successful Forex Trading Software

Discover all the features of each forex trading software through our list and outline and explain the trading software of the most powerful currencies.

Welcome to this article on forex trading software. There are now so many Forex trading software available on the market it becomes difficult to make a choice. We have tried and tested software currency trading and have compiled a list of the best of them.

NeoTicker is a trading software that provides real-time analysis as well as direct execution of your orders, with lots of flexibility. This Forex software is available from the following brokers: eSignal, RealTick myTrack, Ninja Trader, Interactive Brokers, DTN IQFeed, QuoteSpeed, FXCM, MB Trading, QCharts, EFX Group, Open E Cry, DTN Satellite, etc..

Another trading software that really worth mentioning is TradeStation, which was created to help you develop your own trading strategies, not only to place orders. This award-winning Forex software allows you to test your transactions with no real impact before actually doing on the forex market.

In addition, it performs a check of the markets before instantly send your order where it will be most profitable. TradeStation makes you take commissions at a reduced rate and offers a full automation of your options, stocks, futures and forex trading strategies.

eSignal is another award-winning Forex trading software that provides market quotes in real time, news of the forex market, a decision support system, graphics and all other professional Forex tools requested by financial institutions and individual investors, accessible directly from your computer via the Internet.

Fap Turbo is a Forex software among other favorites. It is affordable, easy to install and comes with a money back guarantee. It has been extensively tested and working for you in an automated way, allowing you to not waste your time and energy to spare.

As with any good Forex software, Fap Turbo is not only used because it can make money. It allows you to trade in good condition, even if you have little time, and so be able to go to other occupations.

Our list of Forex trading software would not be complete without mentioning QuoteTracker. You probably know that a quotation is more than a number and ticker symbol. The latest Forex software that we present allows you to track the movements of six hundred symbols and offers a wide range of graphics and more than one hundred technical indicators. It helps you to find all the interesting opportunities in the Forex, using the channels option. QuoteTracker offers 15 years of historical research documents, informs you continuously on all Level 2 quotes and helps you track the intraday data up to 20 days back.

We hope this article helps you now better identify the different Forex trading software that are available on the market. Feel free to read other articles on this subject on our website.

Forex Trading Software Technical Analysis

The euro rose against the dollar again, only 0.28% at the end of U.S. session. The lowest level is reached before the opening of the European session at 1.2812 before rebounding. In the afternoon, Mario Draghi, the ECB president asserted again that interest rates would remain unchanged for some time yet. Since May, the ECB decided to lower its key rate to 0.50%, a record low. Germany's trade surplus fell from 17.5 to 14.1 billion euros last month when a stable level was expected by investors. The Sentix confidence index indicates a certain pessimism about the economic outlook for the European Union (-12.6). Technically, the pair find a next support at 1.2840 and resistance at 1.2912. This morning, the pair rose 0.08% to 1.2882.

The Australian dollar finally resumed, earning 0.81% in early this week at 0.9133 against the us dollar. Yet in Australia, the number of job offers in newspapers fell 1.8% in June, according to a report by the Australian banking group and New Zealand. The index of business climate rose by 10 points according to a research institute New Zealand, sign optimistic outlook for business. Aussie wins 0.17% to 0.9149 in the night while the pair rose from 0.9194 resistance and 0.9142 support.

At the beginning of the week, the dollar lost ground against the yen and the pair returns below 101.00. Japan's current account surplus has doubled in May compared to last year, announced Monday that the Japanese Ministry of Finance. In the United States, outstanding consumer credit rose by 8.3% according to the Fed, above forecasts. But finally the yen rose against the dollar after a high of 101.50 during the European session. The pair found support this morning to 100.49 and resistance at 101.52, while a dollar is worth 101.23 yen.

Just like the USD / JPY, Euro bowed against the yen on Monday. In Europe, the German trade balance disappoint, while Mario Draghi confirmed that no increase in interest rates should occur before a moment. In Japan, the Ministry of Finance announced a higher current account surplus expectations before an intervention by the BoJ this Thursday. The pair is currently gaining 0.41% to 130.49, rising between support and resistance at 129.67 to 130.49.

The pound dollar takes 0.39% at the beginning of this week to 1.4952 in late U.S. session. Lower is reached 1.4858 during the Asian session, the pair then bounces to start up and return to above 1.49. The Bank of England announced last week maintained its accommodative monetary policy. In the United States, credit Ê consumption is recovering but it does not benefit the greenback. Technically, the pair find a next support at 1.4905 and resistance at 1.5015. This morning, a book exchange against 1.4964 dollar, meanwhile important announcements in the UK.

Forex: Traders Will Be Extremely Quiet

The day traders will be extremely quiet. The economic calendar will include only a few statistics minor influence on the forex and the EUR/USD.

8:45: The day will begin with the French budget balance, the former amounting to -66.8 billion

10:00: There will come a little later the Spanish current account, the previous amount being-0, 34 billion.

Undefined: The finance ministers of the euro area will meet to discuss the latest events and any decisions.


Mario Draghi, BoE: All The News On Forex

Today's session was hectic on the forex trading software market, despite a holiday in America (Independence Day) and thus lower trade volumes. The foreign exchange market reacted strongly this afternoon lectures at the ECB and the Bank of England.

The European currency was weighed down by about ECB President Mario Draghi after the announcement of keeping rates at 0.5%. Mario Draghi said at the conference that "rates would remain at their current level or lower for an extended period", "50 basis points, it is not a lower limit", this is the first time that the ECB shown such accuracy. Such a monetary policy makes the euro less attractive since it has a tendency to dilute the value.

The EUR / USD has lost 0.80% within 30 minutes after the declaration of the ECB. It currently operates in support of its downtrend to 1.1912 (charts 30 minutes).

The book has also been weighed down by the speech of the Bank of England surprised investors, the United Kingdom does not soon see a tightening of monetary policy despite recent signs of improvement in the British economy. In a statement, the BOE said that the future course of monetary policy does not take account of recent economic developments in the country. Policy rates were kept at 0.5% as the ECB.

The GBP / USD has lost 1.27% after the declaration of the Bank of England. It currently operates in support of its downtrend to 1.5072 (charts 30 minutes).

There is also a strong ascent of the Swiss franc appreciates mechanically with the decline of the euro.

The markets are still worried about the political crisis in Portugal, tensions in the euro zone have been revived in recent days. Lisbon had two resignations from the beginning of the week in his government, including the Minister of Finance raising fears of a possible collapse of the ruling coalition. However, during the speech of the ECB Mario Draghi said he was reassured by the new Minister of Finance Maria Luis Albuquerque.

Now, investors have turned to the U.S. monthly report on employment and unemployment, which will be published tomorrow. It should be noted that the decrease in liquidity injections by the Fed depends on improving the U.S. economy.

Weekly Forex Trading Signals: Central Banks And Volatility Appointment

This week, the statements of central banks have marked the course of major currencies.

Overseas, forex trading software investors were attentive to the slowdown of support measures from the Fed. On Monday, the governor of the Federal Reserve hinted at a change in monetary policy of the U.S. central bank in October. The expected slowdown in the asset purchase program will result in a stronger U.S. dollar.

The good U.S. data this week supported the optimism and the idea of ​​a future downturn. Manufacturing orders were up 2.1% in May and the monthly U.S. employment figures released today remain unchanged, the unemployment rate is 7.6% displayed. On Thursday, the U.S. Independence Day allowed traders to take a step back on this current density for the United States.

In Europe, the ECB meeting on Thursday has retained the attention of markets awaited the announcement of new monetary measures. Mario Draghi announced that there would be no change in monetary policy. The director of the central bank rate remains at 0.5%. European Weekly indicators were encouraging summers, which allowed the manufacturing PMI for the euro area, showing 48.8 in June, to contrast with the threat of a failure of the Portuguese austerity program. In Portugal, the Foreign Minister and Finance Minister resigned, fueling these concerns persist about European contains.

Across the Channel, the Governor of the BoE earlier this week confirmed the fragility of the UK economy. So not surprisingly, the loose monetary policy of the British Central Bank held on Thursday, will remain unchanged. In terms of macroeconomic publications, the unemployment rate remained stable at 7.8% for the month of May.

In Japan, the Prime Minister will see the country out of deflation happen. While the BoJ has taken drastic measures to support the Japanese economy, Shinzo Abe and the Governor of the Bank of Japan announced Thursday that monetary policy undertaken since the end of 2012 began to have its effect on the national economy. The economic recovery is palpable.

Technical analysis:

EURUSD: The pair has declined by 0.97% this week as a result of American optimism and European fears. EURUSD peaked Wednesday at 1.3032 and the lowest today at 1.2869, breaking the psychological barrier of 1.30 the pair held in recent weeks.

USDJPY: The dollar attracted more investors and this craze for the greenback is felt over the course of the pair rose 0.81% this week. Driven both by the renewed interest in the dollar and the Japanese policy measures to bring the country out of deflation, the USDJPY has fluctuated between a high of 100.45 posted today and a low of 99.16 recorded Monday.

GBPUSD: The pair was strongly impacted by the announcements of the week from the central banks. She recorded a weekly decline of 1.62%, fluctuating between a high and 1.5305 on Wednesday posted a low of 1.4964 posted today. The meetings of the ECB and the BoE have sealed the Thursday during the pair, reflecting the disappointment of traders awaiting concrete measures to support the UK economy.